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Oct 9, 2012 6:00am EDT
down the government, we will close down the american economy and, in turn, the global economy. if they do not solve the issue of this runaway spending, get some way to stop borrowing in excess, he tells the president of the united states if we default on this, on our obligations and our ious, we will trigger a depression worse than the 1930s. anybody here remember the 19 1930s depression? you probably don't. i don't. i was not born, but i've read about it. it was a calamity for the world. tim geithner said to the president what, if we default on this, if we do not solve this problem, we will have an economic catastrophe that will make the 2008 financial crisis a footnote in the history books. anyone remember the 2008 financial crisis? that's coming not from some columnist or journalist, that is coming from well-informed secretary of the treasury. you think about this, there is a value in running scared. if you think about after 9/11, the terrorist attacks, one thing the country did collectively is they set up tsa, the screening at airports. there are all kinds of work, very signif
Oct 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
state budgets. of course, the returns of the overall economy, to the individuals and themselves are much greater. for nobel prize winner out of university of chicago which is no flaming liberal, organization has said that the most important investment we can make is in early childhood education. as bruce said we're not grading congress but were not grading the administration. we are not grading any particular institution with this report. we are calling upon all americans to make and to demand more investment from our leaders on the state local and federal level. senator dodd said we believe children are the most important resource. but the bottom line is we don't do it. we don't invest in a kids. so despite the fact that many political leaders say that kids are the most important resource, we don't as a country put our money where our mouth is. that's a national tragedy and it's a national shame. we are hoping that this report will highlight some of the areas we should be investing our dollars in, should not just be bobbing our heads like bobblehead doll to sing kids are most impor
Oct 10, 2012 7:30am EDT
three and a half years is to our economy and/or international stature, and that is been done by this president. and actually chris, i personally have coveted president obama many times, and all of you listen to my show now i cut it is fair and balanced. look, president obama might not know a lot about economics, but he does i mean karaoke. so let's just celebrate that. let's all hold hands, so in love with you. i mean, come on. imagine mitt romney doing that. i'm so in love with you. oh, come on. i'm sorry. i know this is mrc but you've got to give it to both sides. our second obamagasm of war -- i hate even sang the. is it just me or -- obamagasm award. there's a preacher. i can go to confession after saying it. i'm heading out there. goes to someone who celebrated a movement, not just an individual, and this was on october 11, abc's, i'm going to do her voice, diane sawyer. of the perpetually heavy breathing voice. who is trying with a very blurry lens. i feel like diane. i'm sorry, i feel guilty doing this. with trying valiantly to describe the emergence of a movement known as the
Oct 9, 2012 2:00am EDT
economy. >> guest: autonomy is less excitable word than plutocracy. but his point was there a few platonic mates around the world and is characterized by a tremendous concentration of wealth at the top and the wealth that is greater than say the bottom 90%. and he says that's who's going to buy products. that is who's going to drive the economy and the middle-class is not as important. >> i think you seen the book for people who make less than $200,000, they don't count. just good they are relevant. and this is in the eyes of the hedge fund people. these are hedge fund people talking. and you can understand where they're coming from. the middle class in china endorse the middle-class. middle class in india, brazil, you name it. it's why they say the u.s. is kind of irrelevant nonsense. >> they are always looking for growth and that is the heart of global financial aristocracy. they want growth. they want rosenstock script on the companies at the multinational connections and operations and revenue streams. and that's why they see the middle-class in china and india in particular is represe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4